Rainey Nights

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Women are missing and dying in the Triangle area of North Carolina. One woman holds the key to why.
With the conclusion of the Y-Man murders nine months ago and her resignation from the FBI, Former Special Agent and Behavioral Analyst, Rainey Bell has finally found peace and contentment she never thought possible, even if she remains a bit paranoid. Her wariness is well-founded and justified when a monster from her past rears his demonic head.
Rainey has faced death and evil before – alone. Now it’s different – she has a family to protect, her own. Only Rainey can keep them alive. Or can she?
As one reviewer said, “Don’t assume you know how this story will end.”

Molly: House On Fire

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Molly Kincaid is an extremely successful and equally wealthy defense attorney, but that is all even her closest friends know about her. Behind the facade is a dark past she thought she buried long ago. Now, Molly must face that past and the danger that comes with it. Murders and mayhem, a Civil War gold legend, and a secret Molly has carried for twenty-nine years threaten to bring her world crashing down around her. Molly Kincaid must return to the land of her birth and nothing good can come of that… or could it? Molly’s house is on fire and the only way out is through the flames.

Out On The Panhandle

Take a thirty-nine-year-old woman, born and raised on the beach, and plop her down on the Panhandle of Oklahoma in the midst of her lover’s huge family reunion. Add in a cow chip throwing contest, a horse round up, Native American legends, a crazed fundamentalist sister-in- law, a family secret, an unforgettable romance, and Decky Bradshaw is in for a wild ride. The sequel to Out on the Sound, this novel continues the tales of Decky and Charlie. From Lambda Literary Award Finalist author, R. E. Bradshaw, Out on the Panhandle will elicit tears one moment and side-splitting laughter the next, on the way to discovering that true love never ends.

Rainey's Christmas Miracle

As a holiday gift in 2011, author R. E. Bradshaw gave fans of the Rainey Bell Thriller series this sweet short story. It is now available as a companion piece to MOLLY: HOUSE ON FIRE, due out in April 2012.

When readers last saw the striking former FBI Behavioral Analyst, Rainey Bell just learned she was about to be a mother. Catch up with Rainey and Katie, before they become entwined in their next thrilling adventure, in the upcoming novel that will feature fan favorite Molly Kincaid.