The Girl Back Home

Jamie Basnight, 42, an expensive, attractive, successful lawyer from Durham, is moving back to the place she grew up to become a country lawyer. The reason for this drastic change is the ending of her 16 year relationship with the stunningly beautiful, Mary Ann, due to Jamie’s own mistakes. Starting over at this age was the last thing Jamie ever thought she would do, but here she was moving into the little cottage on the Intracoastal Waterway, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She came home to heal, with her best friend, Beth, there to help her put her life back together. With Mary Ann constantly on her mind, Jamie embraces the move as a fresh start. Surrounded by natural wonders, Jamie reconnects with the girl she used to be.

Out On The Sound

Second edition of R. E. Bradshaw's first novel, Out on the Sound. Decky and Charlie begin their adventures together in this story of new love. Two-thirty somethings find each other through fate, and fight to hang on as their romance takes them on a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly filled with hilarious interactions with friends and family, it is through a tragic event that Decky and Charlie find out just how far they would go for each other. Set on the North Carolina coast, the beautiful scenery serves as a background to Decky and Charlie's adventures during the first four whirlwind weeks of their relationship.

Sweet Carolina Girls

Harper Lee Lynch, only 23 years-old and a doctoral candidate, finds herself in Chapel Hill, North Carolina alone, with only her Golden Retriever, Jasper, to keep her company. Shortly after moving into her new home, Harper chooses to stop at the Tarr Bar, a local eatery. That moment changes Harper’s life forever. Follow her journey, making new friends and finding the happiness she has yearned for, since the tragedy that launched her on this path. Fall in love with this group of ten women, as they laugh, cry and fight their way through emotional roller coasters, set in motion by Harper’s arrival.

Waking Up Gray

Can you start your life over at forty? Lizbeth Jackson was about to find out. She found her first gray hair on the morning of her trip to Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina.  Lizbeth was about to begin a three-month sabbatical, on the scenic coastal island, in order to finish her Master’s thesis in Linguistic Anthropology. She plans to study the Carolina Brogue spoken there. What she ends up studying is her lesbian neighbor across the street and the uncontrollable pull Lizbeth feels toward her. Lizbeth Jackson is about to find out what life has to offer, after waking up gray.

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