The Adventures of Decky & Charlie Series

Book 1


Decky and Charlie begin their adventures together in this story of new love. Two-thirty somethings find each other through fate, and fight to hang on as their romance takes them on a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly filled with hilarious interactions with friends and family, it is through a tragic event that Decky and Charlie find out just how far they would go for each other.  Set on the North Carolina coast, the beautiful scenery serves as a background to Decky and Charlie's adventures during the first four whirlwind weeks of their relationship.


Readers are saying about Out on the Sound: "Funny, sexy, and a bit suspenseful." "A Winner!!"

Readers are saying about Out on the Panhandle:  "Flashbacks Through Letters Were Fascinating."  "A Must Read For Everyone."  "Two Spirits, Two Stories - her best yet in my opinion."  "Thunder Child."

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Book 2


Take a thirty-nine-year-old woman, born and raised on the beach, and plop her down on the Panhandle of Oklahoma in the midst of her lover’s huge family reunion. Add in a cow chip throwing contest, a horse round up, Native American legends, a crazed fundamentalist sister-in-law, a family secret, an unforgettable romance, and Decky Bradshaw is in for a wild ride. Out on the Panhandle will elicit tears one moment and side-splitting laughter the next, on the way to discovering that true love never ends.