How to Download an eBook

When you can’t find that Kindle eBook you just downloaded directly from a publisher’s website— 



Open any Kindle device or application.    

A Kindle device in this instance means a dedicated device used to read Kindle eBooks, such as a Kindle Fire. Application refers to any free Kindle application downloaded on a laptop, ipad, phone, just about anything you read a Kindle eBook on has a free application for doing so.   

  • Look in your library (All Items). Don’t see the book? Use the pull down menu to look in your “Docs” folder. “There it is. But how did it get there and why can’t I put it in books?” you ask. Or, “I still can’t see it,” you snarl. Don’t panic, or throw things. We have answers and we can fix this.  
  • Did you email the file to your Kindle email? “Whoa,” you say. “I have a Kindle email address?” Yes, you do, and it is important that you locate it and send all eBook files you buy directly from publishers to that address.  
  • To find your Kindle email address: First: Any way you get there, you need to sign into your account. In the black banner of the home page it says “Hello, (your name)”. Under the greeting, it says, “Account & Lists.” Pull down that menu and click on “Your Content and Devices.” This will take you to the Manage Your Content and Devices Page. To find the email address of your Kindle on the Manage Your Content and Devices page click on the “Your Devices” tab. You will see your Kindle email address under the list of your devices. Emailing downloaded content to your kindle library assures that all “sideloaded” eBooks are in your Amazon cloud and available to use in all your Kindle applications. These files are considered “Docs” by  Amazon Kindle’s proprietary software. If on the Kindle device, use the browser (On Kindle Fire it’s Silk) to connect to and sign into your account. 
  • After you have emailed the file to your Kindle email address: While on the Manage Content and Devices page, click on the “Your Content” tab. Under “Your Content” there is the word “Show” and beside that a pull down menu which by default reads “Books.” Click on that pull down menu. This will display all the content areas on your devices. Scroll down and click on “Docs.” In the “Docs” folder you will find the eBook files you purchased directly and sent to your Kindle email address. If you then click on the eBook file you wish to manage, option buttons light up, offering you the ability to “Deliver” the eBook to any device(s) you choose, “Delete” the file from your library, or “Add to collections.” It’s a good idea to become friends with the Manage Your Content and Devices page.