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“Her name is Jane Doe? Really? You aren’t joking?”

“Yes. Her father’s name was John Doe. Her mother’s last name was Smith. Jane Smith Doe, that’s her. Her dad said he guaranteed her anonymity for life. Thought it was funny.”

Forty years away from Doe’s Ferry, it didn’t take long for word to get around that Jane Doe had come home. Most people remained unconcerned with her arrival—memories of young Jane having been long forgotten or never known. But like any tiny place with tiny minds, the whispers at her sudden reappearance revived old rumors and fanned long cold embers into a blaze.

“With your history, you can see why this sudden appearance would concern me.”

“My history? Which part? The part where we were cradle to grave friends, all of us, or the part where one of us died, three of us lied, and one of us went to prison.”

“I’m assuming that means this isn’t a nostalgic trip home.”

“No point in pretending…”

There were those who wished Jane had stayed gone. Most folks were willing to let the past die with the ones that lived it—but not Jane, and not the person who sent the package that summoned her home. Wrongs needed righting. The time had come for the truth of what happened at Doe’s Ferry to come to light. Jane Doe has come home to amend the record, to make it right: Emendare.


HIDING HEARTS: An Appletree Swamp Romantic Escapade

On March 21, 1865, the mayor of Goldsborough, (now spelled Goldsboro,) North Carolina, surrendered the town to General William Tecumseh Sherman’s troops. It was the end of the Union Army’s march through the Confederacy, the deathblow that sealed the fate of the Southern insurrection.

Charlotte Bratcher, Lottie to friends and family, an eighteen-year-old farm girl from Wayne County, had no particular allegiance to the Southern cause. She is known as the best horse rider in the county. She and Big John, her horse, cause quite a stir, as a group of horse thieves have them both in their sights.

The Bratcher family, like most North Carolinians of the time, had no slaves and scraped a living from the land as best they could. The men in her family, conscripted into a war they did not believe in, soon lost the zeal young men have for living a war hero’s tale. These Tar Heels were forced to fight in a rich man’s war. By 1865, all Lottie and those like her wanted was an end to the bloodshed.

As the one hundred thousand plus Yankees spread over Wayne County like ants, Lottie and her family out in Bratcher Patch are just trying to survive. In addition to blue-coated warriors, desperate deserters, bummers, thieves, and the home patrol to deal with, Lottie is also coming to terms with a long held infatuation with Patrice Cole. Not knowing how to name her feelings for the dark-haired Miss Cole, Lottie does what she knows how to do, run. Charlotte Bratcher runs, but it’s straight into the arms of the woman she has dreamed about for years.



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Romantic Escapade

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Colde & Rainey



When an old friend of Billy Bell’s is killed in a hunting accident, Rainey feels obligated to attend the memorial service. The forecasted blizzard cannot deter her from fulfilling what she believes would be her father’s wishes. What begins as a trip to pay her respects deteriorates with the weather. As the snow begins to fall and temperatures plummet, Rainey finds herself once again in the crosshairs of a stone-cold killer.
Colde & Rainey is the fourth book in the Rainey Bell thriller series. Books two and three, Rainey Nights and The Rainey Season were both Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Mystery.  

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Waking Up Gray


 Can you start your life over at forty? Lizbeth Jackson was about to find out. She found her first gray hair on the morning of her trip to Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina. Lizbeth was about to begin a three month sabbatical on the scenic coastal island in order to finish her Master's thesis in Linguistic Anthropology. She plans to study the Carolina Brogue spoken there. What she ends up studying is her lesbian neighbor across the street and the uncontrollable pull Lizbeth feels toward her. Lizbeth Jackson is about to find out what life has to offer, after waking up gray. 

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Rainey With A Chance Of Hale



Rainey Bell, a former FBI Behavioral Analyst, has had a couple of quiet years since her last brush with death. Her old teammate with the BAU and her children's Godfather, Danny McNally, pays a visit to North Carolina from Quantico to escort Rainey into the Butner Federal Correctional Complex.
Rainey made a promise almost twenty years ago to a distraught mother of a missing child. The opportunity to fulfill that pledge, one she should never have made, presents itself in the form of Chance Obadiah Hale. The teenager Rainey believed responsible for Alyson Grayson's disappearance was now a man in prison who wanted to talk, but only to Rainey.
Can Rainey and Danny finally get to the truth about Alyson and Chance? Or, will Rainey's stubborn belief in his guilt put everyone she loves in mortal danger? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Who will be the first to go? 

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The Adventures of Decky and Charlie


Readers are saying about Out on the Sound: "Funny, sexy, and a bit suspenseful." "A Winner!!"

 Readers are saying about Out on the Panhandle:  "Flashbacks Through Letters Were Fascinating."  "A Must Read For Everyone."  "Two Spirits, Two Stories - her best yet in my opinion."  "Thunder Child." 

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Before It Stains


 Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is work. Stephanie Austin has it all - a loving wife of 17 years, a handsome teenage son, a comfortable home in the suburbs, professional success, and a bright future. At forty, Stephanie’s life is all she’d ever dreamed of, but like the old blues song says, “What a difference a day makes.”  

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Sand Letters


 In the summer of the American Bicentennial, 1976, Margie Whooten is a fifteen-year-old with questions. She finds answers in a novel providence provides. Fate then throws Margie face first into the chest of her new favorite author, beginning the awakening of the young woman’s soul and forming the foundation of a forever kind of friendship. 

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Rainey Days

Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year, after a horrific attack

RAINEY BELL THRILLER SERIES   BOOK 1                                               Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year, after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out. She drinks too much and hasn't had a good night's sleep in months. On a hung-over morning in June a request for help from an old friend plunges Rainey back into the world of stalkers, rapists, and serial killers. The next thirteen days will change Rainey's life forever, if she survives. On top of all that, the woman she is supposed to protect brings out feelings Rainey didn't know she had. Thrown together by a bizarre series of events, they learn to depend on each other for survival.  

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Rainey Bell: The Lambda Finalists


Books two, three and five in the Rainey Bell thriller series. The Lambda finalists. What a great deal for three great books!

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